Join Penicuik Carbon Challenge online, or come along to one of our carbon challenge workshops and work with us to reduce your carbon footprint.  

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PCC Autumn Programme


The Scottish Government has committed us all to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2045.

Penicuik Community Development Trust has received Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) funding to support Penicuik to achieve net zero.

Until the end of March 2022, young people, adults and families living in Penicuik and the EH26 region can work with us to reduce our carbon footprint and reach net zero.

Zero Carbon Penicuik

To become zero carbon, we must emit no more carbon than can be absorbed by woodland, oceans, and our atmosphere. We need to reduce the amount of C02 released by choosing how we travel, heat our homes, what to eat, and to repair, upcycle, reuse or recycle rather than buy new stuff.

Carbon Footprint

Calculated by counting your annual consumption of equivalent tons of carbon used to make: the energy you use at home & to travel, plus all you consume and waste: food, cars, IT, clothing, paper, hotels, electricals, phones, banking, TV, furniture, recreation, etc.

In the UK the average footprint is 10.5 tons.

Get involved

Drop in and see us at 34 John Street, Penicuik


Book to attend one of our upcoming workshops. 


Volunteer to support our work, please contact us here. 

Opening Hours at Penicuik Carbon Challenge on 34 John Street, Penicuik

9.30 to 12.30 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

9.30 to 12.00 Saturday mornings

PCC Autumn Programme of events. 

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Penicuik Carbon Challenge operates from our shop at 34 John Street in the shopping precinct beside Oxfam.  We are looking forward to meeting you the next time you are out and about in Penicuik.

We welcome donations of unwanted bicycles, small household electricals, fabrics, wool, and threads. All donations are checked and repaired before we make them available to people in need of your support.


Our monthly bike surgery takes place on the first Saturday of the month. Our next session is Saturday 4th December 2021. If you want to come along, we will do our best to fix and repair your bike free of charge. You can book your slot by visiting:

If you would like to volunteer with us, please email us at

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