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Penicuik Carbon Challenge funds a new, fresh, bulk-food Refillery at Penicuik Storehouse 


Over a fifth of food is wasted in the UK. By choosing to refill rather than buy in packets, customers reduce food waste, save money, and use less packaging. The Storehouse Refillery has 30 gravity-fed dispensers and numerous scoop bins of delicious, colourful and fresh food and grocery staples. Customers can bring their own containers and weigh them before and after filling to deduct the weight of their jars, bottles, bags or boxes.

The following is what
the Refillery at the Storehouse currently offers

Bombay Mix  £3.10

Broth Mix  £1.35

Whole Cashews  £8.00

Whole Cashews (Organic)  £18.45

Caster Sugar  £1.00

Caster Sugar (Organic)  £4.15

Cornflakes (Organic)  £5.75

Wholemeal Couscous (Organic)  £2.85

French Couscous  £1.20

Plain Flour  £0.90

Self Raising Flour  £0.90

Wholemeal Flour  £1.10

Green Lentils  £1.70

Green Lentils (Organic)  £2.45

Red Lentils  £1.50

Red Lentils (Organic)  £2.65

Linseed  £1.85

Simply Muesli Base  £1.75

Milk Choc Raisins  £6.95

Oriental Rice Crackers  £4.75

Paprika Twists  £4.05

Peanuts - Redskins  £3.00

Peanuts (Organic)  £5.25

Penne pasta (Organic)  £2.75

Roasted/Salted Pistachio nuts  £14.70

Popcorn  £1.25

Popcorn (Organic)  £2.60

Scots Porridge Oats  £0.85

Scots Porridge Oats (Organic)  £1.80

Pumpkin Seeds  £4.90

Pumpkin Seeds (Organic)  £6.90

Quinoa (Organic)  £5.05

White Basmati Rice  £1.80

White Basmati Rice (Organic)  £3.95

Long Brown Rice  £1.25

Long Brown Rice (Organic)  £3.10

Sunflower Seeds (Organic)  £3.50

Trail Mix  £5.55

Yoghurt Cranberries  £6.65

all prices are per kilo

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